Awk powered CMS, with wiki-style syntax

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Description:   Blis is a CGI based Content Management System, written in awk, light and very fast. It uses plain text files written in wiki-style syntax as page sources, parses them, applies a selectable template and presents the results to the reader as web content.

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Ossigeno CMS Ossigeno is a modularized CMS, with various skins, lang files and modules. It\'s written in Php (database agnostic). Pages are generate in Xhtml 1.0 Strict. It can be used to create blogs and websites. Patches are welcome.

PalmsCMS PalmsCMS is a minimalistic CMS with focus on ease of use and installation. The CMS only features the absolute minimum: text and images. This way we can target those webmasters not able to implement and use currently available CMS.

Personal AJAX Content Management System PACMS (Personal AJAX Content Management System) is a CMS with AJAX feature for the creation of personal (small medium size) website with a full webbased interface. Provides widget like: dowload area, blog, todolist, faqmanager, image gallery, etc...

ALiCE - CMS ALiCE-CMS is a content management system - package using a MySQL Database written in PHP4.The idea is to create an easy understandable cms with support of the basic features required on standart websites.

Demo CMS Demo4 is a simple php-mysql cms system. Its based on php-mysql-simple-cms with a few changes and with an css theme by Andreas Viklund -

Galmeta Post Galmeta Post is a simple, PHP-based CMS with an open architecture to add custom plugins, ajax calls and wiki-like text format replacement.

Java Wiki Bot Framework Java Wiki Bot Framework helps with wiki (MediaWiki) site management. It allows to build robots to edit and dump information from Wikis. For more information and features see project homepage.

ImpressPages CMS ImpressPages CMS is a web content management system (CMS) with drag&drop interface and in-place content editing. It is built with PHP/MySQL/jQuery/tinyMCE. ImpressPages CMS lets anyone without technical skills to manage websites as a professional. Easy drag and drop widgets interfaceIn-place editingMultilingualSEO (built-in)Smart copy & pasteExtendable ...

TikiPro Web Framework ### Project Renamed to bitweaver ### CMS with: tiki & pear wiki, cms, articles / news, phpBB forum bulletin board, blogs, image photo gallery, file sharing, poll/survey, calendar. tikiwiki upgrade PHP,MySQL,Postgres,Oracle,FireBird on Windows & Linux

Uberghey CMS Uberghey CMS is a content management system based on a simple Wiki-like syntax, saving its data in flat files, so as not to necessitate a database. Supports galleries, and a very simple and secure theming system.

AwiFuzz - Fuzzy Logic Control System Device independend source code of Fuzzy logic expert system. Reads FCL (fuzzy control language). Sourcecode in C++. Example program is tested with Linux, should also work with Windows or other operating systems. Without a graphical user interface.

AwodChat AwodChat is a multilangual ajaxbased Webchat wich needs no database. It has a interface for external projects like boards and is fully styleable. Full ajaxbased.Styleable.Interface for external projects.No database needed.

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